Jun 26, 2024

CHIM'S KANOM - New Thai Dessert Inspired

Familiar flavours, fresh twists. Meet CHIM's KANOM, the newest dessert creation at Chim Chim.

Taking inspiration from iconic Thai desserts, each treat is crafted with the goodness of local ingredients like mango, pandan, coconut, taro, toddy palm and bael. Take a flavour-filled journey down the streets of Thailand with CHIM's KANOM, available exclusively at Chim Chim.

Our inspiration for "Mango Sticky Rice Tartlet" comes from the Thai classic "Mango Sticky Rice," reimagined as a tart. We use "Nam Dok Mai" mangoes, known for their distinctive aroma and a taste that is both sweet and sour. The glutinous rice is cooked to perfection, and the coconut milk is a special recipe we use to create a soft and luscious mousse. Paired with ripe "Nam Dok Mai" mangoes, it’s the perfect combination.

Our "Pandanus Coconut Cookies" reimagine the classic Thai dessert "Khanom Ba Bin Bai Toey" as pandan cookies filled with luscious young coconut cream.

Have you tried our Fluffy "Young Coconut Pandan Buns"? Filled with a blend of pandan cream and sweet creamy coconut milk, they deliver a mellow sweetness that’s seriously moreish. Made with young coconuts from Amphawa, a renowned production area, the bun is then elegantly adorned with golden egg thread (foi thong) for an authentic Thai touch.

Enjoy the lush flavour of Phetchaburi's toddy palm, with our "Toddy Palm Pie" in every bite with our pie cup. It comes filled with sliced palm fruit, creamy coconut milk and fragrant pandan syrup, topped with tender toddy palm pieces. 

“Taro Custard Caramel Cake”, a twist on "Khanom Mo Kaeng Taro", a Thai dessert known for its sweet, creamy taro flavour. Our version uses fragrant, purple-fleshed taro from Saraburi. The unique sweetness of the taro is blended into a soft, coconut milk-based custard with eggs and sugar, giving it a delightful aroma. 

"Bael Cake and Matoom Cake", inspired by the aromatic bael fruit juice from Phetchaburi. Our sponge cakes are decorated with caramel made from brown sugar and cashew nuts, offering a sweet and mellow taste that pairs perfectly with our coffee from Roots. 

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